The animated world just got a little bit gayer with the announcement that Sean Hayes, Patti Harrison, Wanda Sykes, Matt Rogers and more have joined the voice cast of Netflix’s new queer, adult comedy, Q-Force

Created by Gabe Liedman (Pen15, Big Mouth) and executive produced by Hayes, Todd Milliner, Ben Heins, Mike Schur, David Miner, the sassy series follows all-star American Intelligence Agent Steve Maryweather (Hayes), who is ousted to West Hollywood after coming out as gay. There he assembles a misfit squad of LGBTQ+ geniuses, creating the Q-Force. But after a decade of waiting for their first official mission from the AIA, the team goes rogue by finding and solving their own cases.

In addition to Hayes (he/him/his) as Agent Maryweather, the openly queer cast includes Harrison (she/her/hers) as resident hacker Stat, Rogers (he/him/his) as a drag queen named Twink, Sykes (she/her/hers) as an expert mechanic and gadget guru Deb, and Liedman (he/him/his) as Maryweather’s love interest, Benji.

Additionally, Gary Cole (he/him/his) is Director Dirk Chunley, David Harbour (he/him/his) is Agent Rick Buck, and Laurie Metcalf (she/her/hers) is V, the Deputy Director of the AIA.

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Q-Force premieres Sept. 2 on Netflix.

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