In recent Emmerdale episodes Faith (Sally Dexter) received the devastating news that her cancer has spread. Following this, she decided to refuse any further chemo, despite Chas (Lucy Pargeter)’s pleading.

Faith’s decision led to some soul-searching conversations among the family. Cain (Jeff Hordley) finally opened up to Chas about his feelings about their childhood and how he blamed Faith for what had happened.

This unburdening seemed to be what he needed to help him to get over the emotional block he had about his mother, and in incredibly emotional scenes Cain and Faith shared a genuine moment of affection together, leaving Faith basking in the glow of her son’s love for the first time.

Perhaps it’s this that gives Faith the strength to approach the months she has left with as much positivity as possible. As a character whose reaction to suspecting her cancer was back was to start behaving very badly indeed, we know that Faith is a person who will insist on being her glorious self to the very end.

And right by her side will be granddaughter Sarah (Katie Hill), who is ready to help her gran live out her days in whatever way she sees fit.

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