The ongoing control and coercive abuse saga playing out in Coronation Street could be about to reach a horrific climax as Geoff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholomew) loses it in a big way as Yasmeen Nazir (Shelley King) tries to escape him and packs her bags. As she becomes aware of his true nature, she makes plans to get away – but is caught red handed and Geoff’s fury knows no bounds.

With his biggest fear being losing his control over Yasmeen,will her standing her ground against him lead him to take action that couldleave her dead? Geoff is certainly capable of seriously depraved acts and histemper is always close to snapping, so as his hold over Yasmeen slips, will aviolent altercation explode?

He became aware that he was losing his grip on Yasmeen when he found a leaflet about domestic abuse and realised that she recognised some of his controlling behaviours outlined. He tried to get the upper hand by isolating her from Cathy Matthews (Melanie Hill) and making out that it’s her fault she has lost another friend.

But Yasmeen then gets another vicious wake up call when DrGaddas confirms that she has contracted chlamydia and Yasmeen knows that it canonly have come from Geoff hiring escorts.

Geoff accuses Yasmeen of being the cheat and when she bringsup the escorts, he rants and raves at her, and insists that she must havecaught the STI from Sharif.

But as he storms out following an angry row, he watches Yasmeenfrom his hidden camera and notices her fiddling with a packed bag stuffed inthe cupboard under the stairs.

With a grim look, he returns home and asks for the key andYasmeen pretends to have lost it and makes an act of looking high and low forit, with a sinister Geoff playing along for a while and making the situationeven more tense.

He eventually snaps and grabs the key from her pocket and Yasmeen panics as he opens the cupboard.

But as his rage reaches dangerous levels, how much danger is Yasmeen in? Will Geoff decide that if he can’t have her then no-one can?

Later in the week, Geoff takes Yasmeen’s phone off her and heads out as he locks her in the house.

Sally (Sally Dynevor) invites both Yasmeen and Geoff to join she and Tim (Joe Duttine) at the re-opening of the Bistro.

Yasmeen gets dressed up, but Geoff isn’t impressed with her choice of dress, and therefore he hands her what he thinks is a sexier option.

Yasmeen feels self-conscious, but she’s later shocked at the Rovers when she discovers that Geoff has agreed to pay for Sally and Tim’s wedding.

Later, Geoff reveals that he bought the dress Yasmeen is wearing for one of his several escorts.

Yasmeen grabs a wine bottle and a struggle ensues.

As can be seen in the pictures, things get incredibly vicious during the struggle, so will Geoff go too far and kill Yasmeen?

Or will Yasmeen’s actions result in Geoff dying?

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