STACEY Solomon has opened up to fans in an emptional video, admitting: "I'm on the brink of tears all the time."

Cradling baby son Rex, the 30-year-old Loose Women star told her followers she felt "terrible" for being so emotional given how much other people were struggling.

She explained: "Joe's gone to get baby milk because we ran out and I am going to have to do something because I just feel on the brink of tears all the time."

Giggling unexpectedly, Stacey wrote on the Instagram post: "I don't know why I'm laughing. It's got to be hormones or the moon.

"Do you ever have one of those days where you feel like you're welling up all the time for NO REASON what so ever?

"And then you feel terrible for feeling teary when there are so many people in the world in such awful circumstances I have no reason to be teary what so ever."

However, Stacey seemed sunnier as she headed off to bed, writing: "I've been reading through your messages and they're so heartwarming and just bloody lovely they've just made me feel so emotional.

"There's so many kind, caring people out there and I'm so grateful to know you (well I feel like I know you).

"I feel like I have the best group of friends EVER. So thank you."

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