STACEY Solomon joked that Joe Swash and her brother-in-law were going to "kill her" after she blocked the stairs.

The pair were seen stuck on either side of a huge bed on the stairs at her £1.2million Essex mansion.

She told fans: "My brother in law and Joe hate me right now. I took it apart like this and said it'll fit down the stairs. Turns out, it doesn't."

Stacey then channelled Ross from Friends in the episode when they battled to get a sofa down the stairs saying: "Pivot, pivot. It will go – believe! Positive thinking."

She explained that she was trying to get a huge bed for one-year-son Rex down the stairs in three pieces.

The star wrote: "Asked my brother in law to help take it down with Joe. Told them it would 100% fit.

"And it turns out it doesn't fit at all 😂."

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