No, it wasn’t all a dream.

Ted Lasso Finale: Ending Explained (Spoilers)

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During a Reddit AMA pegged to Wednesday’s Ted Lasso finale, series co-creator and star Brendan Hunt (aka Coach Beard) debunked the popular fan theory that the series’ epilogue — a quick succession of flash forwards that culminated in Ted waking up from his transcontinental slumber — was a dream sequence.

More specifically, when asked if Coach Beard’s Stonehenge-based wedding to Jane actually took place, Hunt confirmed that what we saw was “real.”

Hunt was also asked why Ted wasn’t present for Beard’s wedding. “There are a few reasons,” he explained. “The first is narrative: Ted just got on a plane and left the UK, [so] it would be anticlimactic and deflating if we suddenly see him back there before we even see his plane lands. The other is that that’s just the kind of friendship Ted and Beard have.” He also pointed out that he missed fellow co-creator Joe Kelly’s wedding, which also came together at short notice, and “no one cares! Our relationship is the exact same, our families live down the street from each other and we see each other all the time.

“Personally, I think Beard called Ted and told him he could sit this one out, and Ted said thanks, because the ceremony conflicted with a big game for Henry’s soccer team,” Hunt said. “The history of their relationship IMO is long periods of seeing each other and long periods not. We have entered one of the latter, but the former will come around again at some point. They love each other, they will see each other again.”

The presumed series finale also confirmed Coach Beard’s first name, which you can read more about here.

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