EX Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham looked completely unrecognizable in a new video she shared about her upcoming birthday.

The reality star is getting ready to turn 30 in a few weeks, but fans have often slammed her for looking much older because of her “plastic surgery.”

In a video posted to her Instagram Story on Wednesday, Farrah spoke to her followers while laying out in the sun in a low-cut brown bikini.

She had her blonde hair tied back, putting the focus on her face, which many have commented on lately because of her seemingly higher cheekbones, angular jaw and chin, and her larger lips.

Farrah admitted in the video: “It’s almost May, my birthday month! Oh my gosh, it’s my big golden birthday – 30. I’m so scared.”

After a screenshot of Farrah’s unrecognizable appearance was shared on a fan account, some users called her out for looking so different from how she used to.

Teen Mom fans blasted her over all of cosmetic procedures she’s had done and commented on how they only made her look even older.

“WOW with all the injections, implants and plastic surgery you look 40,” one fan wrote.

Though she's only turning 30 next month, fans slammed Farrah in December for "looking 50 years old" after undergoing a nose job, fillers and other cosmetic procedures.

One Reddit user shared a photo of the MTV alum, taken from her Instagram story, and captioned the image: "So, it appears that Farrah has finally hit her 50th birthday."

Another said: "She didn't need all that surgery and I'm sure she would be aging a lot better if she never went through with it. Or at least kept it subtle."

Earlier this month, Teen Mom star Mackenzie McKee shaded former star Farrah Abraham's "plastic surgery."

She used an Instagram filter that enhanced her lips and gave her defined cheekbones in a series of new clips and said she was "dying" to see the ex MTV star "use this filter."

After joking that she felt like she had "to talk with a certain accent," Mackenzie continued with a drawl: "Just hear me out. I'm not here to start drama, okay.

"If you ask me to talk bad about any of the other cast members- past, present and future- I'm not going to. I don't have anything bad to say about anyone.

"I love everyone, but I am dying. Dying to see Farrah Abraham try this filter."

Mackenzie added that she wanted to "challenge" Farrah to use the filter and see what she looks like.

Farrah is often accused of altering her appearance with plastic surgery and outrageous filters and photo-editing.

The mother of one, who is mom to 12-year-old Sophia, is regularly slammed on everything from her changing appearance to parenting to controversial views.

She recently revealed she's been filming Cameos for fans who have had "rough times" – but it comes at a hefty price of $71.25.

Aside from spending time making Cameos, Farrah insists she's starting school at Harvard soon, though fans mocked her for spelling the school name wrong in her announcement post.

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