THE Flash returned this week after five weeks off the air with its star revealing how creepy it is working with the Rag Doll character.

The CW show came off air in a program reshuffle due to the coronavirus pandemic and returned on Tuesday for the first time in five weeks.

Grant Gustin plays The Flash/Barry Allen on the superhero series and shed some light on behind the scenes action.

This week's episode heavily featured the fan favorite Rag Doll Character, a meta-human who is able to contort his body.

Actor Troy James perfectly portrays the bendy baddy, with Grant revealing he doesn't just save his contortion skills for when the camera is rolling.

Grant told TV Line that most of what the audience sees is Troy doing his thing and the only thing added is the breaking bone sound effect.

He said: "The thing they mostly layer on top of Troy’s performance is the 'breaking bones' sound effect when he is bending.

"But it’s not just during the takes [that he does that], he will just randomly walk toward you [backstage] in a spider crawl.

"He’s the nicest, most friendly dude, but it’s terrifying once he has that mask on and he’s bending all over the place."

Rag Doll featured heavily in this week's episode and wildly changed the group's dynamic.

Grant said: "The Rag Doll episode changes the dynamic of the team and the West-Allen family moving forward.

"They’re not just small challenges; they’re going to have lasting effects for the rest of the season.

"It’s not just a Villain of the Week-type thing, it will affect the show moving forward for while."

On top of dealing with a bad guy, The Flash is also having some relationship woes.

In the episodes that aired before the hiatus Barry (Grant Gustin) was using Nora’s journal to build an artificial Speed Force.

This came after he accidentally destroyed the original force and entered it using the Spectre’s power.

Crossover episode Crisis on Infinite Earths, saw Barry messing up as Iris (Candice Patton) found herself trapped in the Mirrorverse, only to be replaced by Mirror-Iris.

Mirror-Iris is being controlled by Eva (Efrat Dor), which is set to cause major problems for the couple.

Grant spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the impending roadblock in the couple’s relationship.

He began: ”They’re going to struggle with it for a handful of episodes before they find a way to actually get it to work, so it’s kind of tough for them.”

”Barry is the first person to eventually start to get suspicious that there’s something going on with Iris and kind of confronting that and bringing it up with her results in some tension and a pretty big confrontation at one point.

“We’re gonna see a pretty big fallout between Barry and Iris, and their relationship is going to change drastically just because this Mirror-Iris element.”

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