Jeremy Clarkson has given fans an update on why The Grand Tour Madagascar Special has been delayed as he teased when the release date could be.

Speaking with The Grand Tour producer Andy Wilman on his YouTube channel DriveTribe, the TV presenter explained that part of the reason of why they haven’t had a release date yet was because Andy had contracted coronavirus.

The 60-year-old started the live stream by saying: ‘I am joined by the executive producer Andy Wilman, the reason I have got you here is because I am being asked countless times a day why bearing in mind we have been quarantined for the last three to four weeks, why you can’t see the next instalment of The Grand Tour.’

Andy responded: ‘Partly because we have been quarantined, and I haven’t mentioned it much but I have had the plague.’

Jeremy, who hosts The Grand Tour with Richard Hammond and James May then went on to ask Andy what his ‘mild flu’ was like.

He replied: ‘It is the worst thing I have ever had, ever. I was out for 10 days.’

The host went even further as he argued back: ‘That’s only 10 days, we filmed it four months ago so why can’t we see it?’

The producer then pointed out that it has actually been six months since they filmed the special.

He continued: ‘Even without a world pandemic it takes a long time, part of the problem is I am not in the edit.’

It was then brought to fans attention that for every hour that is aired on TV they shoot 1,000 hours.

‘In our defence, most of that 1000 hours is you three talking, going on and on,’ Andy added.

‘It takes about five weeks for all of that to process before the editor can even access it.

‘Then there are three more months of shaping it and then there’s all the back and forth and that’s even before Amazon get it and they have it for five weeks.’

Jeremy interrupted: ‘Let me just ask the question I know, when?’

‘There is good news as we are in the final strokes of Madagascar so we can give it to Amazon in two to three weeks,’ Andy answered.

Jeremy continued: ‘Give it to Amazon in three weeks, so if you want to know when the next instalment of The Grand Tour is coming up, ask Amazon, not us.’

Last month, Clarkson confirmed future specials of The Grand Tour were delayed indefinitely because a travel show is obviously impossible to produce when there is no travel. 

However, last year the boys recorded the follow-up to The Grand Tour Presents… Seamen, which saw the trio almost killed at sea.

Their next stop is Madagascar where they had another hiccup, being stranded 500 miles from their crew. 

Thankfully, Clarkson live-tweeted throughout the whole thing and revealed the stars managed to find a bar so, you know, our sympathy dwindled somewhat. 

The Grand Tour season one to three and Seamen are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. 

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