Fans of The Last Kingdom have a lot of opinions when it comes to Brida (Emily Cox). She’s always been a strong-willed character, but this season has shown a more confusing side of her. Read on to learn what fans have to say about Brida this season. There are spoilers ahead for season 4 of The Last Kingdom.

Brida and Cnut are together at the beginning of the season

Brida is pregnant with Cnut’s (Magnus Bruun) child, althoughshe has yet to tell him. When Cnut and Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) face off inbattle against each other, Cnut lets it slip that he was the one to convince Aethelwold(Harry McEntire) to kill Young Ragnar (Tobias Santelmann).

When Uhtred has Cnut where he wants him, Brida hears everything that goes down and she stabs Cnut and kills him for what he did to Ragnar, the love of her life. She tries to escape and get away, but the Welsh take her prisoner. She asks Uhtred to kill her and send her to Valhalla so she can be with Ragnar, but Uhtred can’t do it in the moment.

‘She still wants to kill her brother?’

Brida can’t forgive Uhtred for not killing her, and insteadshe wants to kill him for it. Fans are more than confused by the wholesituation and took to Reddit to discuss it.

“After everything Uhtred has gone through and their bond,she still wants to kill him for not killing her?” a Reddituser asked. “She is still alive and well with her baby in her belly yet shestill wants to kill her brother? Not only that, he gave her the truth of Cnut.”

Brida had another way to Valhalla

One fan doesn’t understand where Brida’s hatred is comingfrom since she had weapons on her and she could have charged at any of thearmed men surrounding her at the time she was captured. This would have givenher peace of mind to enter Valhalla.

“Her arc made no sense. She hates Uhtred for not killing hereven though all she’s wanted is to have a child?” a Reddit user asked. “Even ifnot that, she could’ve charged a Welsh troop and killed him and eventually theywould’ve killed her and Uhtred would ensure she dies with a weapon in her hand.Her hatred came from nowhere.”

A viewer thinks Brida was “subservient to a man” all her life and most of them have died and left her alone to fend for herself, which has scarred her emotionally.

“Yeah, I think she’s very messed up,” a fan pointed out. “WhereUhtred has been able to fight and survive, and even though she is a warriorherself, she has had to be subservient to a man for most of her life and eachone (except Uhtred) has passed into the next life leaving her behind everytime.”

‘She’s a woman scorned’

Another fan says Brida is just dealing with years of traumathe best way she can. It makes some feel empathy for her plight. “She’s a womanscorned,” a viewer said. “Very human, she carries her trauma and emotionalscars around like a badge of courage. These characteristics in her make me feelnot hatred but empathy for her.”

Fans are divided on Brida again in season 4 of The LastKingdom.

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