Sometimes reality shows pay their cast members for their time to film. Netflix has released a new reality show where the cast can’t have sex without losing prize money.

Too Hot to Handle gives the cast the chance to win a lot of money, but were they paid to be on the show? Here is everything you need to know.

‘Too Hot to Handle’ kept cast members from having sex

The new Netflix show claimed it wanted cast members on the dating show to really get to know each other. In order to make sure those connections weren’t based on sex, they weren’t allowed to have intercourse.

The 10 singles on the resort were not allowed to have sexual contact with each other or masturbate throughout the month. If they were successful, they could win up to $100,000.

However, every time they broke a rule they would get money taken away from their prize. Eventually they were charged $3,000 every time someone kissed, $6,000 for oral sex, and $20,000 for intercourse.

Francesca Farago said she doesn’t regret breaking the rules

Francesca Farago broke the rules the most in the show’s first season. That ended up costing the cast a lot of money. She explained why she doesn’t regret it.

“Because Harry [Jowsey] and I connected so early on, everyone expected us to break the rules first. We were so strong from Day 1. I didn’t go into the competition thinking that I would be the first person to break the rules. I just thought, ‘If I want to kiss him, I’m going to kiss him,’” she told TVLine.

They did break the rules first and it ended up costing the cast $3,000. They weren’t happy about it so she got revenge by kissing Haley Cureton, then lying about it. She also claimed she doesn’t regret her kiss with the sorority girl either.

“It was easy for her and I to make that decision because we weren’t really forming strong friendships with anyone else in the house at that moment. We felt like no one was really taking the time to get to know us, and we really wanted to stir the pot. Plus, Haley’s beautiful, so it was fun to kiss her. It was a win-win for me,” she said.

Bryce Hirschberg said he wasn’t paid at all

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Hirschberg joined the show later in the season. He revealed more details about what it’s like to film.

He was asked if contestants could get away with breaking rules while they go to use the toilet on the Hollywood Raw podcast. Hirschberg said contestants were still watched when they were using the toilet with CCTV, but they weren’t recorded there for the broadcast.

This probably isn’t surprising given some cast members are seen taking showers on the show. It also keeps them totally honest when it comes to winning the prize.

The former contestant also answered whether he was paid to be on the resort. He claimed he didn’t get paid anything but did get a shot at the prize money.

It sounds like the only way the cast can get any money is by avoiding having sex. Or else, they just get a vacation at a resort without taking home a paycheck.

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