During his monologue tonight, Trevor Noah noted that America topped 40,000 COVID-19 deaths and 750,000 infections. Grim stats, to be sure, but not everyone is taking the crisis seriously.

“Most of us have accepted that, as painful as it is, we need to stay at home a little longer until we can get those numbers under control,” he said on Comedy Central’s The Daily Social Distancing Show. “But it turns out there’s a different group of people around the country who are saying, “Naw — how can we get those numbers to go up?”

Cue news footage of “reopen America” protesters lining the streets and a-carryin’ signs. Then there were the “Fire Fauci!” chants.

“Seriously — ‘fire Fauci?” the host said of Voice of American Reason Dr. Anthony Fauci.. “So instead of fighting the virus, they want to get rid of the one guy who’s warning us about the virus? America’s lucky these same people weren’t around when Paul Revere was riding into town.”

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But, he noted, “It’s not just fringe right-wing groups that have been stoking the flames, it’s also mainstream right-wing groups — like Fox News.” Noah then noted how Fauci went on FNC and made the case for continue the coronavirus shutdown, “Fox News decided to get a second opinion from a doctor everyone can trust.”

The good Dr. Phil.

He then played the infamous clip from The Ingraham Angle in which Doc downplayed the virus’ threat and quoted the annual U.S. death statistics from car crashes, smoking and swimming pool accidents — comments that led to an apology.

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“It would be a lot easier to not take these protests seriously if they were just being fueled by Fox News and Internet conspiracy theories,” Noah said. “The problem is that all of these morons also have the support of the moron-in-chief. … What makes what he’s doing now particularly vile is that, on Thursday — on Thursday — he announced guidelines for when the states should open back up, and then he spends the rest of the weekend urging his followers to fight back against the same guidelines that he released. This is insane.”

That calls for a football metaphor.

“IT’s like Trump is a head coach who told his team to kick a field goal, but now he’s on the sidelines heckling them for doing it.”

Watch part of the monologue above.

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