Trevor Noah kicked off his monologue for tonight’s The Daily Social Distancing Show by noting that the U.S. has recorded it millionth case of COVID-19. But let’s stick with the comedy.

The Comedy Central late-night host spent a few minutes talking about the news that grabbed Hollywood’s attention on Tuesday. No, not the latest windows smackdown between studios and exhibitors — the Movie Academy changing its rules to make films that premiere on streaming services eligible for next year’s Oscars.

“If you ask me, the Academy had no choice but to do this,” Noah said from his home office. “I mean, [coronavirus] has shut everything down. There are no movies coming out. So if they didn’t include streaming, then which movie gets an Oscar nomination? Sonic the Hedgehog — that movie would win everything by default.”

He went on to suggest that “instead of doing like a whole awards ceremony for movies that nobody really watched, why don’t they much make an Oscars for the greatest movies of all time?” He posited a “mega-tournament — the All-Star Oscars.”

He added: “I’d watch that Oscars.”

Are you listening, Academy? A millennial says he’d watch the Academy Awards!

Have a look at the clip below; the Oscar comments start at the 2:43 mark. There’s also Noah’s idea on how the golden statuette should be redesigned for the COVID-19 era:

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