Twilight is the definition of “odd” or “strange” content. It’s not your typical vampire love story, although after the fact it did become the blueprint for a lot of supernatural love triangles at the time. But it didn’t have the castles, the fangs, the bats, nor the sexiness that often follows vampire stories. Twilight was a little weird, but it also was the whole world to a lot of fans, and over a decade later it lives on. So much so, that fans are discovering minute details in scenes that people haven’t brought up before. Like how Kellan Lutz’s character, Emmett Cullen, is carrying around a bag of eggs in one cafeteria scene. 

But have no fear, because the director of Twilight, Catherine Hardwicke does remember why that is all these years later. And she did share it with the world. 

A viral TikTok called out the fact that Kellan Lutz’s Emmett Cullen carried around a bag of eggs in ‘Twilight’

As you might recall, the Cullens can’t eat human food. They can’t even eat regular vampire food, but that one’s a choice. However, they physically can’t digest cafeteria food no matter how appetizing. All of their apples, pizza, and whatnot on their plates are just for show so that the Forks teens don’t get too suspicious of these gorgeous teens who look sullen and also eat sparingly. 

Well, after Midnight Sun came out and the pandemic quarantine sent a lot of fans back into a Twilight renaissance, people must have looked at the movies with a newfound light. Because in October, one Reddit user posted that Emmett carried around a big Ziploc bag of eggs in some lunch scenes. 

“OK so I saw this thing and I thought I’d share it. Basically Emmet in the movie carried around A BAG OF EGGS?!?!” they wrote. “Did anyone else notice this? Its super weird and I cant find a explanation. Does anyone know?”

A month prior to this, actually, Lutz had posted an Instagram post of him from this first cafeteria scene with the eggs and a caption that hinted at said eggs. 

“Emmett : Can you guess how many eggs?,” Lutz wrote, “Everyone : “…we don’t care how many eggs…we want to know WHY!?!” Lutz did not give an answer. 

This burning hot mystery gained even more traction when a TikTok went viral looking at the same thing. Insider set out to get some answers and Lutz still was not budging with his answer. Or… non-answer.

He said he was “taking that secret to the grave.”

Catherine Hardwicke commented that she found it hilarious and just had to include it in the movie

But hope was not lost. As the May 24 article reported, Hardwicke spilled all the tea on it. 

“I saw Kellan one day carrying a bag of, like, one dozen hard-boiled eggs,” she said. “I’m like, ‘What in the hell is going on? You’re not going to eat like a dozen eggs, are you?’”

Hardwicke shared that the hard-boiled eggs were most likely part of a high-protein diet that Lutz was on for Twilight and that he was just constantly eating them. Emmett was supposed to be the strong Cullen who was constantly picking fights with bears, so Lutz most likely wanted to keep up that massive physique. 

“I never had seen anybody carrying around a Ziploc bag of one dozen eggs and going to eat them all day long,” she said. “I was just laughing so hard… I’m like, ‘OK, [Emmett] has to have those eggs. You have to carry that in that scene,’ because it was just outrageous.”

Hardwicke basically loved it. And found a way to include a “super quirky detail” from real-life Lutz into the on-screen Emmett Cullen. Even though Emmett, of course, wasn’t actually eating them in the Twilight world. 

The original TikToker said that it was actually very un-Cullen like, and very conspicuous to include it

All in all, Hardwicke said she just kept it in the scene because she enjoys the chance to “weave in any little bizarre thing” into her projects.

“When people see a movie as much as Twilight, they do start picking up on all the funny little things you sneak in there,” she said about the fact that it took so long for people to notice it. “So I love it. It’s great.”

The original TikToker that went viral did note, though, that the whole point of the Cullen’s lives being uprooted every so often is to not be conspicuous. So having the “outrageous” detail of eggs is a bit… odd for a Cullen. It’s why in the book they don’t take Rosalie’s hot-red car to school because it would draw too much attention. A big bag of eggs would surely do that too. 

But, hey. Maybe they’re beauty was just too much that the students at Forks High School just didn’t care enough and Emmett loved messing around with weird human food. Plus, it took us all over 12 years to see that damn back of eggs. So, maybe Hardwicke is a genius. The blue tint is already a sign that she is, but this might hit it home. 

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