WHEEL of Fortune host Pat Sajak made a major on-air blunder when he accidentally blurted out the answer in a bonus round.

The longtime host, 74, mistakenly solved the puzzle during a recent episode of the popular game show.

Pat, 74, slipped up during a moment when the letters "_ _ _ TE  _ RAN _ L _" were left in a puzzle.

"Yikes," he commented, before quipping: "Well, I'd rather be standing here than there, quite frankly."

"Quite frankly" turned out to be the answer – although the contestant didn't seem to realize Pat had accidentally solved the puzzle.

Pat and co-host Vanna White laughed about the gaffe in a video that aired after the episode.

"I wonder how many people at home caught it," the presenter mused.

"There weren't many letters up there and I said, 'I'd rather be here than up there, quite frankly' – which was the puzzle. But it goes to show you that people are concentrating and they're not paying any attention to me."

Pat added: "It's funny what your mouth will say when your brain says, 'You shouldn't do that."

He signed off by jokingly saying that he and Vanna will "quite frankly, see you next time".

Pat and Vanna have been the hosts of Wheel Of Fortune – the longest running syndicated game show in the US – since 1982.

Pat came under fire last month for apparently mocking contestant Chris Brimble's speech impediment.

He seemed to mimic Chris' lisp during the player introductions, saying "I thee" instead of "I see" when Chris explained what he does for a living.

The host's joke received some laughs by others in the studio, though fans took to Twitter to slam Pat for making the "awful" joke.

Commenting on a clip of the joke, one person wrote: "That’s awful … @patsajak- I used to be a fan … I grew up with a parent who had issues speaking."

While one fan called Pat "snide," another added: "Thanks for making fun of people with a lisp on tonight’s show you arrogant overpaid jerk – Pat Sajak. Quit now. Maybe if you grew up with a speech impediment you’d understand."

Backlash to Pat's behavior sparked reports that he may be fired from his decades-long hosting duties.

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