Following the release of the Fast & Furious 9 trailer on April 14, 2021, fans can’t stop talking about Helen Mirren’s role in the upcoming movie, especially since the 75-year-old was spotted behind the wheel — a true honor for Fast & Furious lovers. In the trailer, the longtime actor can be seen showing off her driving skills and drifting in a sexy, purple sports car as she laughed with her hands on 10 and 2. “Helen Mirren is LIVING HER BEST LIFE and we are ALL along for this ride. #F9,” one person wrote on Twitter with screenshots from the scene. “We love us a badass Helen Mirren Get in the car, we’re going driving with only THIS lady. #F9,” another user echoed. 

However, fans of the franchise said Mirren’s ride behind the wheel is long overdue. “Helen Mirren should have been driving in this franchise two movies ago, but that’s OK – I’m here for it,” a third person tweeted. 

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