THIS frustrated gecko owner’s pals think he’s winding them up when he shows off his invisible pets as they’re so well-camouflaged.

Lizard fanatic Dave Bagshaw keeps the scaly reptiles at his home in Cheshire – but can you spot them hidden in the trees?

Dave, 34, admitted that his daily checks on his pets regularly turn into a game of hide and seek, as the reptiles are so skilled in blending into the background.

This is because of their dermal flap – a skirt of skin which runs the length of their bodies.

Not only this, but they are able to change colour into whatever surface they are sleeping on, such as a tree or branch.


Dave said: "When it comes to caring for these reptiles, a routine check can easily turn into a game of hide and seek for me.

“Whenever we have visitors at our home, people’s attention is always drawn to the vivariums.

“They ask ‘what’s in those tanks?’ and when I proceed to tell them ‘my most leaf-tailed geckos live in there’, common questions are ‘where are they?’ and ‘are you winding me up?’

“When people give up looking, I think point out the gecko right in front of their eyes."

Dave is beginning a programme of breeding the creatures this year.

The mossy leaf-tailed geckos are actually an endangered species due to habitat loss, meaning captive breeding is encouraged by experienced handlers.

He added: “The cryptic nature of the species is what I found fascinating and endearing, and this soon became the reason for my interest in keeping and breeding these geckos.”

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