CLEO Smith's alleged kidnapper Terry Kelly watched her mother pour out her anguish by following her on Facebook, reports claim.

The doll-obsessed loner – who winked as he was led to jail in shackles today – is also said to have posted a cryptic message about online privacy at 5am on the morning little Cleo was snatched from her family's tent.

Kelly wrote on his Facebook status on October 16: "I can't accept friend requests from strangers.

"I live a private life and I respect those who are on my friend list to ensure their privacy is respected too.

"Us adults have to be careful online too."

It's understood the post was made about 5am, reports Daily Mail Australia. 

One hour later at 6am, Cleo's mum Ellie woke to find her missing and the tent flap open at the remote Blowholes campsite in Western Australia.

Ellie had last seen her around 1.30am, and police believe she was snatched while her family slept inches away.

Mum Ellie made desperate appeals on social media in the following days, begging her to "please come home".

It was claimed today Kelly's Facebook profile was following Ellie's as she shared updates on the nationwide search.

Kelly's Facebook account also interacted with news stories about the missing four-year-old.

On one article shared online, Kelly's account reacted with a sad emoji, according to the Mail.

Kelly is also said to have used a separate Facebook account where he posted about his infatuation with Bratz dolls. 

In one video he shows off a room covered floor to ceiling with the collector's edition toys, many still in boxes.

It is alleged Kelly shut little Cleo in this room for 18 days until officers burst in and rescued her in the early hours of Wednesday.

Incredible audio revealed the moment she told cops: "My name is Cleo" – confirming she was safe.

Cleo was taken to hospital for a checkup and reunited with mum Ellie – who said: "Our family is whole again."


Kelly has been charged with kidnap and appeared in court in Carnarvon.

Today the barefoot suspect was seen with his hands and feet in chains as he was flown to a high-security prison in Perth.

Looking up at waiting press, he squinted against the sun and appeared to wink as specially trained cops escorted him on board a private jet.

It comes after neighbours say they spotted him in a car full of dolls after the four-year-old vanished.

Henry Dodd told Daily Mail Australia he saw the accused kidnapper with more than ten dolls in the back of his blue Mazda.

He said: "You could see them in their boxes like he ordered them online. They were all piled in the back of his car."

Mr Dodd added he thought the sight was "weird" and he didn't know Kelly already had an entire room full of the toys.

One pic on the suspect's Facebook page shows him wearing a Bratz t-shirt, holding one of the dolls in each hand, with the caption: “Nothing beats chilling at home with by Bratz dolls”.

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He also uploaded photos in April 2020 showing him taking a doll for a car drive.

He captioned the post: “I love taking my dolls for drive around and doing their hair and taking selfies in public."

Police were asked about the doll collection and whether Kelly might have used toys to lure Cleo, but said they would not comment on it.

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