Mayor Bill de Blasio blasted President Trump in a highly personal attack on Sunday — accusing him of abandoning the Big Apple and leaving it to “drop dead” without federal funding.

“I need a former New Yorker to step up — President Donald Trump,” Hizzoner said at a press briefing.

He called it a moment Trump “could actually help to save your hometown, or you can turn away and you can fail to protect New Yorkers.”

“And right now, you are failing to protect the very people who you grew up around,” de Blasio said in his tirade, saying the Big Apple gave Trump all the opportunities that made him so successful.

“When New York City’s in need, where are you?” he asked.

Accusing Republicans of failing to approve a stimulus deal, Hizzoner said, “Literally with a snap of his fingers Donald Trump could fix that. If he would just say the word, the Senate would jump.”

“So President Trump, what’s going on? Cat got your tongue?” he asked.

“Mr. Trump, Mr. President, Are you gonna save New York City, or are you telling New York City to drop dead? You have to speak up now,” he said.

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