Mayor Bill de Blasio continued to rattle his beggar’s cup Saturday night, warning that without a few billion in federal dollars the city would “go broke.”

The coronavirus pandemic has punched a $7.4 billion hole in the city’s budget that only Congress and the Trump administration can patch, he said in a pair of cable news appearances.

Without the aid, the mayor said, the city would have to make “dangerous” cuts.

“It means all the things that people depend on in their lives — police, fire, sanitation, education — go down the list of all the things that makes any city, any town function,” the mayor said on MSNBC.

“If you’re missing $7 billion, I assure you, you have to stop — you have to start to cut that stuff back in ways that can be very dangerous.”

As Capitol Hill negotiates the next federal relief package, de Blasio slammed Trump for being “absolutely silent” on the economic crises facing American cities.

The mayor had on Thursday proposed a drastically-trimmed, $89.3 billion budget proposal.

But in addition to a cash injection, the city also needs a national testing plan if it is to safely end its lockdown, the mayor said minutes earlier on CNN.

“I want to restart the economy, too, but if New York City and cities all over the country don’t have testing we cannot restart,” the mayor said. “If we’re going broke and we can’t provide basic services for our people, we can’t restart.”

De Blasio described the early, slow response to the virus as a result of Trump’s failure to get increase testing capacity at the onset.

“Donald Trump blew it in January, in February, in March — he did not get us testing,” the mayor said. “If he had, it could have changed the entire course of this crisis.”

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