Donald Trump has said that heat, humidity and sunlight can kill coronavirus. Speaking at the White House on Thursday, the president cited a new Department of Homeland Security science and technology directorate report, saying: ‘The scientists at DHS have released a report offering how the virus reacts to different temperatures, climates and surfaces.

‘The findings confirm the virus survives better in colder, drier environments and does less well in warmer and more humid environments.

‘I have to say that very excitingly, we are going to have somebody up in just a little while. He’s going to be talking about how the virus reacts in sunlight. Wait until you hear the numbers. you won’t even believe them.’

Trump added: ‘We are going to watch very closely for the invisible enemy. With each passing day we’re learning more about this enemy.’

Vice President Mike Pence also touched on the report, set to be unveiled by head of the DHS science and technology directorate Bill Bryan, saying: ‘He will outline encouraging news about the impact heat and sunlight have on the coronavirus which will increase the confidence we feel about the coming summer.’

Scientists have speculated that Covid-19 could die out as the weather warms up, and return when temperatures drop again in the fall. But they have warned that the virus is still too new to comment on how it copes with different temperatures.

Trump has disagreed with the boss of the US Centers for Disease Control and White House immunologist Dr Anthony Fauci, who have both warned that coronavirus is almost certain to return later this year. On Wednesday, the president speculated that the virus may disappear for good as summer arrives.

Close to 878,000 people have so-far been diagnosed with coronavirus in the US, with almost 50,000 dying of complications related to Covid-19. Almost five million Americans have now been tested for the virus, Vice President Pence said on Thursday.

The disease has crippled the American economy, with job figures released Thursday showing that at least 26 million workers have been left unemployed as a result.

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