LESLIE Jones wants Trump's name on all coronavirus death certificates and not just on relief checks.

The ex-SNL star was responding to reports Donald Trump's name will appear on millions of Americans' coronavirus relief checks. 

But Jones insists the President’s name should also be printed on all the death certificates of those who died after being infected with Covid-19. 

Jones decided to share her wish on Twitter, saying: "Like what is wrong with us, how don't we see the narcissistic behavior of this clown?" 

"We need to put his name on all the death certificates from this pandemic too!! What the f***?!"

Two senior Treasury officials told The Washington Post, that the move will probably set back the delivery date on the first set of paper checks which could potentially slow an already lengthy process that could take up to 20 weeks. 

But the Internal Revenue Service told CNN that the move will not result in a delay.

Jodie Reynolds, an IRS spokeswoman, said: Thanks to hard work and long hours by dedicated IRS employees, these payments are going out on schedule, as planned, without delay, to the nation.

 "The IRS employees are delivering these payments in record time compared to previous stimulus efforts."

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