Father of speedboat tragedy victim brands killer Jack Shepherd a ‘narcissist’ who ‘poses a serious threat to women’ as he campaigns to block his release from prison

  • Graham Brown said ‘narcissist’ Jack Shepherd is only out for himself  

The father of speedboat killer Jack Shepherd’s victim has said he should not be released early from his ten year sentence as he is a ‘narcissist’ who poses a ‘serious threat to women.’

In December 2015, during his first date with 24-year-old Charlotte Brown an intoxicated Shepherd crashed his speedboat in the River Thames causing her death. 

Shepherd, 34, was given a six-year determinate prison sentence after being convicted of manslaughter by gross negligence as well as a further four years after admitting hitting a barman over the head with a vodka bottle in a hotel in Devon.

After fleeing to Georgia to avoid trial and imprisonment, Shepherd finally handed himself in to authorities in 2019 and was caged – but is now due to be released in January next year. 

Graham Brown has urged authorities to reconsider automatically releasing him half way through his sentence

Jack Shepherd is set to be freed after serving half of his sentence for the champagne-fuelled accident that killed Charlotte Brown

Charlotte Brown died after Shepherd’s boat hit a log in the water and she was thrown into the icy depths of the River Thames

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Graham Brown urged authorities to reconsider automatically releasing him half way through his sentence. 

He explained: ‘Jack Shepherd to me and the family poses a serious risk to woman.

He’s shown no remorse. We still don’t know what happened that night, he fled his trial he didn’t appear so he wasn’t cross examined. 

‘Now we’re faced with a situation where, yes, he was given a six year sentence for causing the death of my daughter but he was also given a concurrent four year sentence for a serious assault making a ten year sentence.

‘He has an automatic right of release at five years which is coming up in January.   

‘As a father, that doesn’t feel right.’

Shepherd’s trial in July 2018 heard how he had bought the 1980s speedboat involved on the crash on Gumtree and had tried to impress women with it.

But his first date with Ms Brown ended in tragedy when the 14ft Fletcher Arrowflyte GTO, which was riddled with defects, hit a log and capsized, throwing them into the river near Wandsworth Bridge.

He later sparked outrage by launching an appeal against the conviction while on the run in Georgia – and he was awarded funds to do so.

Ms Brown’s family is ‘devastated’ that Shepherd will likely go free in January and has slammed the UK’s criminal justice system as ‘outrageous’. Pictured: Shepherd’s speedboat

‘He’s a narcissist’, continued Mr Brown, ‘Jack Shepherd exists purely for himself. He preyed on woman from dating apps with the sole intention of sleeping with them and moving on to the next woman.

‘A month after my daughter died, he married and had a child and then he abandoned her and went to Georgia. It turned out in the trial that his wife didn’t even know he had caused the death of my daughter. 

‘As a father of four daughters I can honestly say I’m worried for woman in general and I will never forgive Jack for the harm he has done to my family. 

‘Time teaches you how to deal with it better, I can talk about it and lead a life. Life does go on but there’s always an empty space at the table.’ 

In 2019, Shepherd was moved to a new high-security jail after being bullied by other inmates.

He was transferred for his own safety to HMP Woodhill, near Milton Keynes and is reportedly on track for early release.

A Ministry of Justice source told The Sun that Shepherd has ‘kept his head down and quietly done his time’.

The insider alleged that the convict knows his case won’t have to go to a Parole Board because he has a determinate sentence.

‘If he behaves then there is no reason to keep him in jail beyond his halfway point,’ the source reportedly said. ‘He will be free to simply walk out the door.’

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