Hilarious moment hapless hero attempts to free pigeon from a chimney breast – only for the bird to take up a perch on the sofa

  • Karl Picken, from Stone Cross, West Bromwich, was filmed freeing a pigeon
  • Hilarious footage shows his attempting to free the trapped bird from a chimney
  • After getting the bird out, he struggles to grab hold of it to get it back outside
  • The footage was shared on Facebook with people finding Karl’s efforts hilarious 

This is the hilarious moment a man from Black Country attempted to help his friend free a trapped pigeon from a chimney breast – only to run away in a panic when it flaps around their living room.

Footage uploaded to Facebook shows Karl Picken trying to free a noisy intruder trapped in the chimney breast of his friend Karen Fitzgerald’s home in Stone Cross, West Bromwich. 

The uninvited visitor had been stuck for around two weeks but they didn’t know what it was until Karl cut a hole in the plasterboard as a hysterical Karen filmed him. 

In the footage, the pigeon’s tail feathers are seen poking down through the hole Karl cut, with the hapless hero heard saying: ‘It’s a big f*****g pigeon!

Karl Picken, from Stone Cross, West Bromwich, attempts to create a hole in the chimney breast of his friend Karen’s house in order to free a trapped pigeon. As he does so, the animal moves around and scares the hapless hero

Karen Fitzgerald, who enlisted the help of friend Karl, crept up close to the trapped bird at one point, showing off the tail feathers

‘How am I going to get that out?!’

After making the hole bigger, Karl tries to pull the bird out – but finds he’s lacking the right equipment.

His friend is left in fits of laughter as she tells him there’s no gloves for him to use as he sighs and tentatively grabs the bird’s tail feathers.

Karl is seen jumping back as the bird falls out of the chimney before it flies over to the sofa to make itself comfortable.

Karen then grabs a tea towel for Karl to cover the bird with and he calmly gets it in his grasp.

However, with no doors or windows opened in preparation, Karl has nowhere to take the bird and quickly loses his grip on it.

The video then ends before the bird is seen making its way safely outside, but Karen confirmed it went out of a window – but wasn’t in a rush to leave.

She said: ‘It stayed outside the window for a bit then flew over next door’s and sat on their chimney for a bit.

Karen also said the bird had been there for a fortnight and she’d called Environmental Health for help before recruiting Karl, adding: ‘They wouldn’t come out and just said to leave it there but it was getting louder and louder.

‘I had no idea what it was, I thought it might have been rats or mice from all the scratching.

Karl attempts to place a towel over the bird to calm it down long enough to grab hold and take it back outside

Karen confirmed that the bird eventually left out of a window – but wasn’t in a rush to go too far

‘That Saturday afternoon I’d had enough, my other half had gone to golf so I got Karl to come round and get it.

‘I was hiding behind the kitchen door as I had no idea what was going to come out.’

Since Karen uploaded the video online, it has fetched more than 1,200 likes on Facebook and been shared 2,400 times.

‘I had no idea,’ she said, adding that Karl was ‘loving’ his five minutes of fame. ‘I thought it’d just be my friends who saw it.’

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