HOUSTON cops reportedly moved over 90 undocumented immigrants out of the Chessington Drive residence with one man transferred into an ambulance.

The police found them crammed together in the two-story house on Friday morning in a possible human smuggling case, according to the Associated Press.

The Houston Police could not confirm or deny if arrests were made when contacted by The Sun and said it had been handed over to Homeland Security.

One neighbor told Click2Houston.com, an NBC affiliate that there was no “inclination of anything going on” in the house. 

“I walk this road when I’m usually out walking. It’s a quiet neighborhood. That’s why we’re here,” said homeowner Wanda Andrews.

Cops were initially responding to a report of kidnapping at the address when they found the mass of people.

Officer Edwards said at a press conference that they received a call regarding potential kidnapping claims on Thursday evening, and homicide units were working to track down the location.

Investigators are now looking at the incident as a possible human smuggling case.

Out of over 90 inhabitants, Edwards said that there were no children and that the youngest person was "early 20s." The oldest person was "upper 30s," he added.

He added that there are roughly five women and that the rest are men.

Police said that several of the people likely have Covid and some have symptoms like not being able or smell or taste and have fevers.

They are set to do rapid Covid testing and are keeping the people inside of the residence, Edwards said.

Aside from Covid symptoms, Edwards said that no one appeared to be physically injured.

He added that some of the people may have to be quarantined depending on the number of positive cases.

Aside from Covid symptoms, Edwards said that no one appeared to be physically injured.

Cops said that the people were all "huddled together" in their "basic clothes" on two stories of the house.

None of the people were tied up, Edwards said, and were all just sitting next to one another.

When police arrived they supplied the people with food and water as they told them they "hadn't eaten in a while."

The owners of the house said that one man was renting the property at the time.

Neighbors did not report seeing anything suspicious prior to the discovery, cops said.

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