Incredible pics show model swimming with seven 40lb stingrays off Cayman Islands in picturesque Stingray City – The Sun

ATLANTA supermodel Taylor Adkins has done a stunning shoot surrounded by deadly giant stingrays in the Caribbean.

Taylor was filmed posing in the water with a school of rays that have a wingspan of 42 inches in the shallows of Stingray City, Cayman Islands.

The area regularly hosts up to 60 sting rays and is the only place on the gorgeous islands where you can legally feed them.

A 2012 study suggests there are only 8,400 left in the world.

The stingrays in the shoot are estimated to be about twelve years old and weigh around 40lb.

Females give birth to 2–10 pups twice per year in the shallow water like in these photos, after a gestation period of about four months.

Due to the tourism industry regarding the rays as one of the key attractions to the Caribbean, each ray is worth about $2.5 million to the local economy. They are well-looked after by the locals, but they also have the ability to fend for themselves.

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