A 36-year-old mother of four is dead after stopping to help a driver who was in a traffic accident in Boone County, Kentucky.

Ana Kincart, who worked as a nurse at VA clinic in nearby Lawrenceburg, Indiana, was driving to work when she stopped to check on the driver of a car that she witnessed being hit only a few moments before on the Carroll Cropper Bridge, People.com reports.

As Kincart was waiting for the authorities to arrive so she could give a statement, she was hit by another car, killing her and the other driver, according to a Facebook post written by family members.

“Our hearts are ripped out,” wrote stepfather Andy Cline.

“Being a nurse she exited her car to check on the young man in the accident. He was OK but she stays to give a statement to the police. While waiting she was rear-ended by two different vehicles killing both she one person who was in the other accident. Please pray for my family.”

Family described Kincart as a “loving, selfless nurse” who worked throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

The Boone County Police Department issued a statement saying that the “double fatal accident” took place at 8:30 a.m. on Monday, and initially involved a single Chevrolet Camaro, but turned into a multi-car collision that took the life of two people in separate cars.

Of the four cars that were involved, one driver was taken to the hospital with moderate injuries while the other was not injured at all. The other driver who was killed was 24-year-old, Brandon Hicks.

Kincart is survived by her husband, Donnie, and four children.

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