This Oregon man was on a mission – a mission for free chicken nuggets.

When Twitter user Skweezy Jibbs found out that the fast food giant was offering free chicken nuggets nationwide last week amid the coronavirus pandemic, he said he decided to make the most of it by visiting 11 different Wendy’s restaurants twice in one day.

“Times is tough so when i heard @wendys was givin out free 4 piece nuggs today i knew i had 2 HUSTLE,” the man tweeted Friday. “I hit every damn wendys twice within 17 miles across 2 states it took 5 hours but now we eatin free 4 a week WHAT IT DOOOOOO.”

The man tweeted out a photo of his supply of the grub as well as a map of the route he took through Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington.

Wendy’s even tweeted out a special shout out to the man for his nugget trek, saying, “That’s just straight up impressive ngl [not going to lie].”

Some Twitter users pointed out to Skweezy Jibbs that he likely spent more money on gas than if paid for the nuggets, but the nugget-loving man claimed he already had gas in his tank.

Last Friday, Wendy’s offered folks four-piece chicken nuggets at any drive-thru across the country.

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