A PAEDO who raped a girl of 13 needed plastic surgery after being attacked within seconds of arriving at jail.

As officers checked in Kadian Nelson, 27, a fellow con sent him flying with a single punch.

Nelson landed on the edge of a wooden desk, which cracked, pushing a splinter into his cheek at HMP Wandsworth, South West London.

A source said: “It was a brutal attack by a prisoner who had arrived in the same van. Everyone knew what he had done. It was clearly targeted.”

A Prison Service spokeswoman said: “Police are investigating.”

Nelson admitted kidnap, rape and threats to kill the girl in South London in November.

He will be sentenced at Kingston crown court in August.

The court heard he followed the schoolgirl before creeping up behind her and putting one hand over her mouth and another on her head.

He then threatened to kill her and forced her to walk towards an alleyway.

The girl had been on the phone chatting to a friend about their homework when she was attacked just after 7am.

Nelson told her to take off her coat and school blazer before assaulting her.

He then put his own jacket on the victim.

Police were alerted when a woman called 999 stating that her daughter had seen a man grab a young girl.

Police had called for calm when the attack was reported on social media.

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