A PILOT has left an extremely rude message about coronavirus using his plane’s flight path.

Greggor Hines spelt the words 'F**k COVID-19' in skies over the US state of Maryland, to the praise of many who enjoyed the stunt while in lockdown.

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The 19-year-old pilot and university student used his dad’s plane to spell out the words during a leisurely flight on Tuesday evening.

Flight radar picked up the path of the Piper Cherokee which flew a total of 191 nautical miles in order to create the in-air message.

“We’re just going to leave this here,” Flightradar24 tweeted alongside the radar image on Wednesday.

Greggor, who has been flying since he was just nine year old and has a private pilot’s licence, said it took him about two hours to spell out the creative message.

He told the Washingtonian he got the idea to “express how he felt” while he was already in the sky and didn't plan on doing the stunt when he set out from Harford County Airport near Churchville, Maryland.

“We’d just got a new compass in the aeroplane and I just had to check it out somehow,” he explained.

Greggor described life in the current coronavirus crisis as "extremely frustrating”.

Since being home, he said he spends his time “studying, trying to find new things, trying to get outside when I can.”

The US has claimed more than one million cases of coronavirus and more than 60,000 deaths since the pandemic began.

The flight path has since gone viral, with many praising Greggor's creativity.

One man commented: "Just under two hour flight too… some efficient aerial penmanship there."

Another joked: "Has anyone done a 'don’t inject bleach' one yet?"

The coronavirus pandemic has inspired a range of creative messages from pilots around the world.

Last week, an Icelandair pilot drew a heart flight path in the sky above the capital, Reykjavik, to spread a message of positivity to the country’s healthcare workers.

Over Easter, two pilots drew the outlines of a bunny over Germany.

And in March, an Austrian pilot took to the sky to spell out the words “stay home”.

Another pilot drew a thumbs-up sign above Hungary to express appreciation for healthcare professionals on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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