COLLEGE roommates reveal how they used the Find My Friends App to uncover the body of their murdered friend by tracing her location to her killer's bedroom.

Friends of Haley Anderson, 22, describe climbing in through a window to find the grisly scene after becoming concerned when the New York nursing student didn't show for an event.

Haley was strangled to death by her classmate and former on-and-off-again boyfriend Orlando Tercero who later fled to fled to Nicaragua.

The Binghamton University nursing student first went missing the morning of March 8, 2018.

Her friend Josie Artin told CBS News' 48 Hours: "I texted her that morning. She didn't answer. I figured she was still asleep".

"When I first didn't hear from her, I didn't think, 'Oh, something terrible has happened'," Artin added.

"She had told me she was going to come watch me read poetry at poetry night that Thursday and then she didn't show up.

"We were all calling her and she didn't answer. It was the next morning and we were like 'this doesn't make sense'."


Haley was sociable and well liked but friends became concerned when she disappeared from social media and didn't show for an event.

Friends eventually discovered her phone was in Tercero's apartment.

"One of my roommates was just like, 'I've located her phone on Find My Friends and it says it's at Orlando's house'," Artin explained.

The Find My Friends app allows people to locate friends or loved ones on Apple Inc. devices.

Users can share their location with friends by choosing people from a contact list, phone numbers, email addresses or AirDrop.

Friends arrived at Tercero's apartment but the doors were locked and his car was not in the driveway.

After climbing through a window they discovered Haley's body inside.

Authorities would learn that Haley left her home to visit Tercero at his apartment on the morning of March 8.

During a fit of jealousy, Tercero strangled Anderson and her body was later found partly tucked into his bed.

Tercero fled to John F. Kennedy International Airport after a suicide attempt and boarded a flight to his home in Nicaragua.

He was found guilty and convicted of Femicide, a Nicaraguan law that covers domestic or sexually motivated murders of women.

Witnesses at the trial said Tercero had a romantic relationship with Anderson, but he became enraged when she rejected his demands for a more serious relationship and began dating other people.

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