A sea of Coronavirus cairns: Hundreds of pebble towers are built on deserted Northumberland beach during lockdown

  • Stone stacks have been assembled by walkers on Whitley Bay beach, Newcastle
  • Towers are a feature of landscape and some even carry messages to families
  • Cairns were traditionally used as landmarks for borders, trails and burials 
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Hundreds of pebble towers have popped up on a British beach during the coronavirus lockdown.

The stone stacks, called cairns, have been assembled by walkers strolling along Whitley Bay beach, Newcastle, as they enjoy their daily exercise session.

The towers are now a feature of the local landscape – and some even carry messages. One wishes ‘Lewis’ a ‘happy 21st birthday’.

The structures are yet to fall foul of waves from the high tide, while members of the public have been spotted sitting among them at sunrise.

Cairns were traditionally erected as landmarks to indicate trails, borders or locations where treasure was buried.

The stacks of pebbles, called cairns, have been constructed on Whitley Bay Beach, Newcastle

The towers have been assembled by walkers taking their daily exercise during lockdown

The cairns are traditionally used as landmarks for borders, trails or even burial places

Some of the cairns carry messages including this one, which wishes Lewis a happy birthday

The cairn army is yet to fall foul of the waves, although they could be swept away by a high tide

People have been spotted building more cairns and sitting among the stone forest at sunrise

A child is pictured here approaching the cairns, potentially considering whether to build one

A young girl places the finishing touches onto her pebble stack on Whitley Bay Beach

A girl places the final pebble onto her stack on Whitley Bay beach, near Newcastle

Walkers photograph the bizarre pebble conglomeration at the seaside

Towers of the pebbles are shown on the seashore. They are yet to be destroyed by the tide

A parent with their two children walk past the forest of cairns on the coastline

The cairns have been constructed using pebbles washed up on the coast by the North sea

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