A RACIST thug who launched a sickening tirade at a bus passenger has been jailed today.

Jamie McMillan, 29, hurled foul-mouth abuse at a stranger and branded him a “dirty little black c***”.

Camera phone footage of the shocking rant emerged on social media and cops launched a manhunt to track down the fiend.

Today, McMillan, of Eccles, Manchester, appeared at Manchester magistrate’s court to answer two charges of racially aggravated public order offences.

JPs sentenced the racist brute to 30 weeks in prison for the three-minute rant.

Footage of the incident shows the dad-of-one launching racist insults at a man a few seats in front on the top deck of a bus.

McMillan, holding a soft drink, threatens to ”bounce this can in your face” as he tries to force his victim from the bus.


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He criticises the passenger for “not paying no tax and no national insurance” despite not appearing to know his victim.

McMillan’s torrent of abuse goes on even after the mixed race man has left the bus: “Dirty n*****s on the bus… doing f**k all… getting everything.”

The video, uploaded onto Facebook on Friday night has now been viewed more than 500,000 times and attracted outrage.

McMillan shouts: “I’ve worked every day of my life, my working life.

“People like you come over.. people like your f***ing family with your scrotey little f***ing kids… your little ratty little things… you look like you carry aids.”

He continues to rant: “I’m going to drag you to Hope Hospital you dirty little black c*** and I’m going to make your family pay the f***ing bills to keep my grandad alive.”

In the footage, he also claimed his 77-year-old granddad fought in World War Two – although this would have made him five when the war ended.

At the end of the three-minute footage, as he leaves the bus, he repeatedly stamps his foot shouting: “Daesh, bang! Islam, bang.”

Prosecutor Suzanne Lidlow told magistrates the stunned driver stopped the bus, apologised  to sickened passengers and called police.

She added that it was only when McMillan realised the footage had been placed on social media in the following days, that he handed himself into cops.

She said: "He was totally ashamed of his behaviour. He said he had got on the bus in the evening after having a disagreement with family.

“He woke up the next day and felt like he had done something. He said he was completely ashamed of what he did.

“He had been drinking four cans of Desperado with his medication. He is totally mortified about this incident."

His defence lawyer Eileen Rogers described her client’s behaviour as violent, disgusting and sickening.

She added: "He accepts that his behaviour was completely unacceptable and upsetting for all those on the bus."

She said he had found out his grandfather was terminally ill on the night of the incident- and had argued with family before mixing alcohol with his prescribed medication for his mental health.

His grandfather died the following day and it was only when he was at his funeral that he was made aware the video of him had been posted to social media.

She added: "He contacted my office straight away and went to the police station.

"He's made full and frank admissions."

Before being sent down, McMillan, who already had two community orders and a suspended sentence hanging over him, told the court: "I'm ashamed of myself. I do apologise, it's disgraceful what I've done."

Chairwoman of the bench Pauline Salisbury jailed him for 24 weeks – but he will serve 30 weeks behind bars to include a suspended six week sentence for a previous crime.

He was also ordered to pay £115 victim surcharge.

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