BRITAIN is expected to be lashed by a week’s worth of rain in just 24 hours with eight flood alerts in place across the country.

The south of the UK will be worst affected by the weather, as predictions that this month would be the driest April since 1938 collapsed.

The UK is set to see a week’s worth of rain over the next day, after Brits baked in 25C temperatures over the weekend.

Until today, this April had been the driest since 1938, when the month saw an average of 14.1mm of rainfall.

As of yesterday, the UK had received just 13.1mm of rain, but it is due to see 25mm fall over this evening and tomorrow alone.


By this evening, a rainy weather front will stretch from Lancaster in the North, down to Canterbury and Portsmouth in the South.

This weather front will pass through the night, but the country is then expected to be blasted by a stronger band of rain over the course of Wednesday.

Met Office forecaster Marco Petagna said: “In central and southern England, tomorrow will be a cloudy, wet day, with showers getting quite heavy at times”.

These areas will have been more than 10C higher in the past few days, so it’s a big change.

By 7am, the band will have hit Exeter in the South East, and by 1pm, and will have spread to Liverpool, Birmingham and Portsmouth in a long and narrow line.

By 4pm, the rain will have passed over London and will be over Sheffield and Leeds in the North, and Cambridge and Dover in the South.

25mm of rain is expected to fall in the next 24 hours, despite the average for April being under 63mm.

The grim weather will be accompanied by plunging temperatures, according to the Met Office.

Mr Petagna said: “Some areas will struggle to get above 8C.

“These areas will have been more than 10C higher in the past few days, so it’s a big change.”


There are currently eight flood alerts in place across southern England, with the government warning that some properties could be flooded.

In Alton, Hampshire, the government’s flood information service says the persistent rainfall “could continue for several weeks or longer”.

Meanwhile, in Lambourn Valley, Berkshire, it says: “Property flooding is possible in the longer term.”

There is some hope, however, that the weather will pick up towards the end of the week.

Mr Petagna said: “It’ll possibly be drier on Friday.

“Into the weekend, temperatures could pick up to the high teens again.”

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