Families of coronavirus victims in local nursing homes say their kin’s final days were shrouded in secrecy by evasive facilities forced by the state to take in infected patients.

One woman said her family only discovered by accident their mother’s Long Island home had been hit with an outbreak. Another victim died in a Staten Island facility weeks before his scheduled release.

Gov. Cuomo, despite acknowledging nursing homes are a “feeding frenzy” for a virus that attacks the old and infirmed, mandated on March 25 that these facilities take in “medically stable” COVID-19 patients. At the same time, he has said, “It’s not our job” to provide the homes with personal protective equipment.

“This is a death sentence for frail and elderly patients. There’s nowhere safe,” said a Brooklyn nursing home administrator of 25 years who requested anonymity for fear of state retaliation. “This is a lack of respect for human life from our governor.”

In total, 2,000 residents have died at city nursing homes of coronavirus, according to state health department data, among 3,500 nursing home deaths statewide.

Here are a few of the tragic stories unfolding:

Family blindsided


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