EVERY April 28 people take time out of their day to honor superheroes around the world, whether real or fictional.

Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Spider-Man and Captain America are just some of the superheroes whose names are recognized, however, there are also the men and women in uniform.

When is National Superhero Day and what is it?

Annually, April 28 is recognized as National Superhero Day.

According to reports, National Superhero Day was created by Marvel employees in December 1995.

At the time, Marvel employees created the day to celebrate everyone's favorite superhero.

The idea behind superhero day was to honor those who serve and protect people and the world as they fight evil.

However, real-life superheroes don't have superpowers or wear capes, but they're role models children look up to.

Whether they're police officers, firefighters, doctors, nurses, military personnel, or teachers they all celebrated on National Superhero Day.

How to celebrate National Superhero Day?

There are many ways people can celebrate National Superhero Day, one way is by dressing up as your favorite crime fighter.

Other ways to celebrate the day include:

  • Share what you think makes a hero
  • Take a picture with your favorite hero and post it on social media
  • Draw your version of a superhero
  • If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Folks can share their stories and experiences on social media and use the hashtag #NationalSuperheroDay. 

What are people on Twitter saying?

One person on Twitter took the time to thank Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans for their performances as Iron Man and Captain America in the Marvel films.

"It’s #NationalSuperHeroDay… time to remember the amazing performance of Chris Evans as Captain America and Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man," the Twitter user wrote.

Another person shared, "Happy #NationalSuperheroDay! You don’t have to be a superhero to be a superhero," and attached a picture of late actor Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther.

A third person wrote, "#NationalSuperheroDay Lets honor the man who made a lot of our favorites," while sharing a picture of comic book writer Stan Lee.

A fourth person chimed in saying, "Happy #NationalSuperheroDay here are some of my favourite [SIC] superheroes," while sharing individuals pictures of Captain America, Wonder Woman, Iron Man and Spider-Man.

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