SIR Captain Tom Moore, the heroic war veteran who raised £38.9million for embattled NHS staff, was supported by his family as his fame spread around not only the UK but also the world.

It was his daughter Hannah who originally suggested the idea of doing laps of his garden, which resulted in raising the incredible sum – but what else do we know about her?

Who is Hannah Ingram-Moore?

Captain Tom Moore had two children with his second wife Pamela, whom he married in 1968.

They had two daughters, Lucy and Hannah.

Captain Tom lived with his daughter, Hannah, in Bedfordshire.

Captain Tom's daughter, Hannah, manages Maytrix, a company she co-founded, that focuses on recruitment, brand development and training for businesses.

Shortly after his passing on February 2, 2021, she told BBC Breakfast that her father left a "legacy he could never have imagined".

She said: "I think when he went into hospital we all really believed he'd come back out.

"We thought the oxygen would help, that he would be robust enough – the truth is, he just wasn't."

Speaking of his passing, she said: "We were a five – and now we've gone to a four – and that's really difficult to say.

"He's been with us for over 13 years and it's the deafening silence – that's the way I can describe it."

Hannah also slammed trolls who hounded the family during his £38.9million NHS fundraising mission.

Hannah originally suggested Captain Tom do the walk as a way for him to celebrate his 100th birthday.

But together, they took it one step further and turned the idea into an NHS fundraising campaign – unaware of just how popular the initiative would become.

Hannah said about her dad's achievement: "It has been, and I know these are overused words, incredible, extraordinary and also just outstanding and awesome."

The proud daughter also helped her father set up his JustGiving fundraiser page.

Is she married?

Yes, Hannah is married to Colin Ingram.

They have two children, Benji and Georgia, and live in Bedfordshire.

Who is her sister Lucy?

Tom is also a dad to daughter Lucy Teixeira who is based in Reading.

She is a mum of two and started to work in homeopathy after the death of her mother in 2006.

According to her website, her business specialises in "energetically rebalancing the body".

After her father’s incredible achievement, Lucy said she "just can't believe what has happened".

She told BBC: "My heart is bursting. Well done, Daddy.

"I'm having to get used to the thought of sharing you with millions and millions of people.”

How much did Captain Tom Moore raise for NHS?

By his 100th birthday, he had walked 200 laps and collected £32,796,436 in donations — the largest sum ever raised by one person.

With Gift Aid added by many of the 1.5million people who gave money to his Just Giving page, the final total was £38.9million for NHS charities.

Captain Tom described it as a "fairy tale".

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